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In the heart of Kyoto, our hotel offers the perfect location for exploring the city.

The Kyoto Brighton Hotel is located in a quiet residential area, about a 5-minute walk from the Kyoto Imperial Palace, and is surrounded by historic shrines and temples, as well as many long-established shops that have supported Kyoto's food culture, such as Japanese sweets, soy sauce, miso, and sake.
The Kyoto Gyoen, where the capital once stood and is rich in nature, is just a short walk away.
Why not spend your time in a place where history and the present coexist, while experiencing the daily life of Kyoto?


The guest rooms are comfortable with a soothing color palette and deep space in the style of a Kyoto machiya (traditional townhouse). Because the hotel is located in a quiet residential area, you can spend your stay as calmly as if you were living there. In addition, the original beds designed for ultimate sleeping comfort and the bathrooms with a washing area will soothe the fatigue of your trip.


    The rooms on the east side of the 5th and 6th floors offer a view of the ""big"" character for Higashi Yama (Mt. East). Spacious sofas and spacious bathrooms will help you relax after a long day of travel.

    twin / 1-4 people / 5-6F / 42 sq.m.


    A room full of Japanese taste expressing the beauty of Kyoto, with Japanese paper lights that emit soft light. The living room and bed space are independent so that even two people can have their own time.

    twin / 1-2 people / 2-5F / 42 sq.m.


    An elegant space where refined modern design and tradition coexist. Spacious sofa and spacious bathrooms offer you a relaxing time.

    twin / 1-4 people / 5-6F and 3-5F / 42 sq.m.


    A simple, high quality space creates a relaxing atmosphere. The bed space is equipped with a reading light, making it convenient for reading before bedtime.

    twin / 1-2 people / 2-3F / 38 sq.m.

  • LUXURY CORNER DOUBLE (with terrace)

    The living room is decorated in a soothing color scheme with a spacious sofa and dining table. On the open terrace, you can enjoy the view of the Kyoto mountains and the clear sky.

    double / 1-2 people / 4-5F / 44 sq.m.


    PARTAGER"" means ""sharing"" in French. The room is a space filled with soft colors and is just the right size for two people to cuddle together.

    double / 1-2 people / 4F / 42 sq.m.


    The interior of the room is decorated in chic colors and sophisticated design, with a spacious desk. The spacious and functional bathroom with a large bathtub will help you relax after a long day of travel.

    double / 1-2 people / 5-6F, 2-4F / 36 sq.m.


    A spacious living room, a bedroom with a make-up corner and a large-screen TV. The sophisticated space promises you a supreme moment.

    twin / 1-2 people / 6F / 84 sq.m.


    The elegant and serene living room and the prestigious bathroom. Enjoy a luxurious stay in the Royal Suite, where you can fully enjoy the finest of moments.

    twin / 1-2 people / 6F / 86 sq.m.


    The prestigious marble entrance and the subdued and elegant interior. The elegant interior design creates a space of the highest quality.

    twin / 1-2 people / 6F / 127 sq.m.


    The spacious room is large enough for a group of friends or a family. Up to 4 people can stay in the room by using an extra bed.

    twin + extra bed / 3-4 people / 3-6F / 42 sq.m.


  • Free Wifi
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Five restaurants with a wide variety of food loved by local customers.
We will satisfy your ""want to eat"" during your stay.

  • FEERIE Terrace Restaurant

    Casual yet hotel-like quality in food and space. We recommend breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as our excellent wines.

    breakfast, lunch & dinner / 1F / 86 seats

  • HOTARU Traditional Japanese Cuisine

    You have come to Kyoto to stay. We invite you to enjoy authentic Kyoto-style kaiseki that delicately expresses the tastes and seasons unique to Kyoto. We look forward to serving you with carefully prepared seasonal delicacies.

    breakfast, lunch & dinner / 1F / 92 seats

  • HIMOROGI Teppanyaki

    Don't miss the moment when the best ingredients become the best dishes through the hands of our skilled chefs. Our chef carefully selects brand-name beef and fresh seafood, and cooks them simply and boldly.

    lunch & dinner / 1F / 26 seats

  • KAKAN Chinese Restaurant

    This Cantonese restaurant is popular for its gentle taste that combines the dynamic of Chinese cuisine with the delicacy of Kyoto cuisine. Enjoy Chinese cuisine unique to Kyoto.

    lunch & dinner / 2F / 84 seats

  • COUR AU MIDI Lounge bar

    A wide variety of cakes, afternoon tea, swan parfaits, and other sweets are prepared under the magic of our patissier. From evening to night, enjoy a moment of conversation in an open space with a glass of champagne or a cocktail in hand.

    tea lounge & bar / 1F / 84 seats


As Kyoto experts, we are able to guide you through each of the four seasons.
We offer a variety of plans that allow you to enjoy Kyoto to the fullest,
including special visits to famous shrines and temples with a small private group.


Spring Experience Private Night-tour at Kiyomizu-dera Temple (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

We offer a private tour of Kiyomizu-Dera Temple, a World Heritage Site, for only 50 people. The guests enjoy a luxurious time in Kyoto during the season of beautiful flowers.
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April 2024

Spring Experience Small Group Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) Private Morning Tours

We have arranged a special early morning walking tour to avoid the crowds and to enjoy the cherry blossoms at shrines, temples, and gardens.
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April 2024

Spring Experience Skybus Tour

We charter an open-top Skybus for a sightseeing tour of Kyoto from a slightly different perspective.

April 2022

Spring Experience Morning Zazen Experience at Tenryu-ji Temple (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

A special experience at a World Heritage temple that is always crowded with people. After experiencing zazen in front of the beautiful garden, participants enjoy the cherry blossoms in full bloom.
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April 2024
© Shouchiku

Spring Experience Kabuki Performance at the Minamiza Theatre

Kyoto is the birthplace of Kabuki. The performance "Sangatsu Hanagata Kabuki" is held in Kyoto. Participants enjoy a spectacular performance by young kabuki actors.
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March 2024

Summer Experience Kawadoko Cuisine at Kibune, Takao, and Kamo River

Beautiful fresh greenery, the soothing sound of the river, and seasonal ingredients...you can experience the joys of summer in Kyoto through all five senses at a kawadoko. Participants enjoy Kyoto cuisine prepared with seasonal ingredients in a relaxed atmosphere.

Summer 2023
© Taizo-in Temple

Summer Experience Morning Service Experience Plan at Myoshinji-Taizo-in Temple, the head temple of the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism

After "morning activities" such as zazen, Dharma talks, and a cleaning experience at Taizo-in Temple, known for its beautiful garden, participants enjoy morning gayu (rice gruel) in a tea-ceremony room. View Image

Summer 2023
© Shochiku

Summer Experience Accommodation Plan with First-class Tickets to Tamasaburo Bando Special Performance

Tamasaburo Bando is one of the most popular Kabuki actors. This accommodation plan includes first-class tickets to a special performance by him, and is the perfect way to enjoy a summer performance.

August 2023

Autumn Experience Autumn PrivateTours Program (Morning Tours)

This is a special plan to avoid the crowds and enjoy shrines, temples and gardens before the gates open on a private basis. Participants enjoy the autumn foliage of Kyoto in peace and quiet. See Details

November 2023

Autumn Experience Autumn PrivateTours Program
Private Night-tour at Kiyomizu-dera

Only 50 people are able to reserve a private viewing of the beautifully illuminated precincts of Kiyomizu Temple. The tour is a luxurious way to enjoy the nighttime viewing of a World Heritage site. See Details

December 2023

Autumn Experience Private Tour to Sanzen-in Temple and Ohara

After visiting Sanzenin Temple, which is located a short distance from the city center, before the temple opened to the public, we take the group to the morning market in Ohara. Participants enjoy the atmosphere of early autumn in Kyoto with the trees in Ohara that had begun to change their leaves.

November 2023

Winter Experience Visit to the main shrine of Kitano Tenmangu Shrine and stroll around Tenjin Market

On the 25th of every month, Tenjin Market is held with stalls selling antiques and kimonos. On this special day, we offer a plan to take you to visit the main shrine early in the morning, followed by a stroll around Tenjin Market.

December 25th, 2023 & January 25th, 2024
© Shochiku

Winter Experience Kichirei-Kaomise-Kogyo Accommodation Plan

The annual year-end Kaomise Kabuki Performance. We are pleased to offer an accommodation plan that includes a ticket to this special performance, which is well known throughout Japan as a festival of Kabuki with a lineup of gorgeous actors.
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December 2023

Winter Experience Private Guided Tours

We offer private guided tours that are limited to one group only. We can also take you to places that are normally inaccessible. (Tours are conducted in Japanese. Please consult with us if you would like an interpreter/guide.)

Available all year round (some tours are not available on certain days)